Remote IT StaffingWe hire and you interview the experienced engineers for your business.
Enterprise Software DevelopmentWe are expert in professional software development and consulting

We use Typesafe Stack and hire the engineeres experienced in Typesafe Reactive Platform to build high-performance Reactive Applications that are responsive, resilient, elastic and message-driven.


For Remote IT Staffing, Booleant Services employs your staffs for you providing office environment and physical resources that works like your technology arm extension. You manage your staff. You do not need to pay for infrastructre costs. We will take away your Admin and HR headaches. Booleant Services is here for you because we have seen that work from home is not always possible in a productive way while you are hiring remote talents to grow your business.
For Enterprise Software Development, Booleant Services counts with an expert team of Front End Engineers, Back End Engineers and Mobile Developers. We have wide experience in US HealthCare, RealEstate and DigitalMarketing domain. For the backend and API development, we work in the Typesafe Reactive Platform. We handle everything from requirement analysis to final release of application in production environment and provide production support after then.

There are thousands of team across the world who deliver quality mobile apps. Our growing mobile team is here to deliver you the development services in parallel package so that you save time and money.


We provide rich user experience and interactive media developing single page applications that best fits your need so that you maintain a competitive edge by keeping your customers engaged.

API Development

As REST has gained the momentum, our backend engineers leave no stones unturned to build secure REST APIs with best maturity model for both the Web of Things and Internet of Things according to the requirement.

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